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❤️ It seems as though I post about this consistently. And I do! Because my overall goal is to help others achieve LONG-TERM success. I started my business with this in mind and it continues to be a VERY IMPORTANT part of my teaching style. ⚠️IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL⚠️ ————— From working with many clients over the years, there is ONE THING I truly believe when it comes to LONG-TERM changes... ⭐️EDUCATE AND TEACH⭐️ ————— I can easily give you guys a meal plan and tell you exactly what to eat. I can assign you a workout plan and tell you to do these exercises on certain days. BUT... 🔑WHAT GOOD DOES THIS DO LONG-TERM??? 🤔 ————— That’s EXACTLY why I created my 30 Day Wellness Program! It teaches you all the basics you need to know in order to understand why you need to eat certain foods and when. It explains why certain types of weight training and cardio can help you reach your goals. ————— ‼️BOTTOM LINE‼️ No matter what program you are doing or thinking about doing... makes sure your learning rather than just following what someone else told you to do! 🤔DO YOU REALLY WANT TO JUST KEEP TRYING DIFFERENT PROGRAMS OR ARE YOU READY TO FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOURSELF??? 💭💭🗯 ————— My 30 Day Program is perfect for anyone thinking about starting a new program or to help enhance a exercise/diet program you are currently following. 🎉🎊Get 75% OFF for reading this post!! It’s ONLY $24 with discount!! Link and discount code to purchase in BIO

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They won't applaud. They won't cheer. Nothing about their blank, stony stares will urge you on. They will only watch. Or they won't. Just like the world. And so, past the incessant swishing of their tails, and the swaying of their heads, you must find your purpose. Over the dung strewn trails of what the world says. And between the herds of anonymity. Over the hay of temptations. And beyond the fields of mediocrity. You must strive to be the best shepherd you can. Every. Goddamned. Morning. . . #LessonsFromTheCountryside . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitness #work #morning #trainingday #workoutroutine #playhard #train_nerds #keepcalmandworkout #keepcalmandrun #running #runner #instarunning #gymlifestyle #healthyfood #health #sunrise #healthyliving #healthy #workoutplan #cows #animalsofinstagram #loveanimals #farmanimals #friendshipquotes #quotes #working #workinprogress #beta #alwaysinbeta

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About 9 months ago I started getting super bad (and painful🙄) patellar tendinitis. Everything hurt and flared it - standing up from a chair, walking, legit standing in place. I spent an obscene amount of $$ on orthopedics (bc my insurance is trash) for them to do jack shiz for me so ya girl decided to do her own research and sort of play the trial and error game when it came to rehabbing my knee. My hips used to be SOO tight/inflexible and I always stood/walked knock kneed which both (in my non medical opinion) lead to the inflammation and tightness in my knees. Along w following an (80/20) anti inflammatory diet and doing certain rehab like exercises for patellar tendinitis, opening up and stretching out my hips/hamstrings has helped SO much with my pain. I still feel it here and there but not nearly as bad😅 Point is - mobility/stretching/functional fitness is SO important. Find balance between being a meathead and that👏🏼

Check out this post b @syattfitness! If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write a program for yourself, this post is for you! . Bathilda Bagshot pulled me aside at the Yule Ball once and quietly told me the key to a great workout lies less in the actual exercises and sets and reps than most witches and wizards think. Because, most important of all, is doing something you enjoy. Because if you enjoy it, you'll be consistent. And consistency is the key to success. - 🦄That said, sweet little Bathilda also explained the 3 major steps of every well designed workout. They are: - ☕️Step 1 --> Warm Up: there are a million ways to structure a warm up and the best is dependent on what YOU need most. But, generally, I like to start each warmup with a bit of stretching (calves, hip flexors, glutes, pecs). Then do some activation exercises (glute bridges, wall slides, etc). And finally a few big bang movements (walking spiderman, yoga plex, etc) to "cement" it all together. Warmup should be no longer than 5-15min. - 🐼Step 2 --> The Main Move is your main "strength move" of the day and is going to be your heaviest lift. Depending on your goal you can do one or two big lifts on a given day and ideally choose a compound exercise like squats, deadlifts, bench, chin-ups, lunges, etc that recruits a metric f-ton of muscle and builds brute strength. - 🎃Step 3 --> Accessory Work is your lighter exercises that aren't as taxing as the main move and largely contribute to muscle growth and definition rather than just pure strength. Basically all exercises work here. Just keep the weights lighter than the main move and focus on feeling the muscles work, not trying to "momentum" the weight up. 3-5 accessory exercises per day is plenty. - 🙏❤I know this is vague but it's the best I could do for a short IG post and I really hope it helps. Any questions leave em below💪 . #workoutplan #gymislife #gyminspiration #HIIT #highintensity #cardio #cardioworkout #mobility #stretching #benchpress #squat #deadlift #chinup #strengthworkout #liftheavy #powerlifting #powerlift #powerbuilding #weightlifting #surefatloss

#Repost @cartergood (@get_repost) ・・・ Here’s a solid post created by my brotha-from-anotha-motha, @trent_mccloskey ⠀ I’d add to it... but I agree with him 💯 ⠀ Here’s what he said: . . . “Here’s the truth on shaping and toning… ⠀ The look most are after comes down to: ⠀ 1) Building lean muscle (mainly in the 4-6 rep range) 2) Stripping away excess body fat ⠀ That's it. Easier said than done, of course 🤷‍♂️ ⠀ When folks go on crash diets, do tons of cardio, and high rep "toning" or "burning" workouts... ⠀ It creates the perfect storm for fat AND muscle loss, which ends up creating the "skinny fat" look when they hit their goal weight 😞 ⠀ They are skinnier and lighter but lack the shape and definition ⠀ Or, if one is eating too much and lifting weights, the “bulky” look is simply a matter of excess body fat 😅 ⠀ Training with heavier weights for strength will develop the actual muscle — higher reps tend to add more fluid around the muscle fibers and the burn is no real measure of progress or muscle growth😮 ⠀ Lastly, fat loss is a steady game of consistency — for fat loss, you shouldn’t go below a 25% calorie deficit from maintenance. Beyond that, your training will begin to suffer, and it’s not sustainable for the long-term 💯” ... Hi. Carter again 👋🤓 ⠀ There’s no “perfect” training plan for anyone, but if you want a solid female lifting routine to follow, I encourage you to sign up for my free Fat Loss Forever course (link in bio 📝) ⠀ It goes over all sorts of info and actionable goodies for building an effective and sustainable fitness plan including male & female strength training routines to follow 💪 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ — #cartergood  #fitness  #strengthtraining #workout  #workingout #workouts #workoutmotivation #workout💪 #lifting #liftingweights #bootygainz #toning #tone #toneup #tonedarms #tonedbody #chickswholift #femalefitness #strength #lookgoodnaked #lookgoodfeelgood #strongwomen #strongwoman #workouttime #workoutplan #gymtime #gym #gymmotivation #fatloss

We are posting our #21daychallenge here on ig! Each plan includes a workout that is scalable by sets and each week we will Share with you a nutritional upgrade, a simple to change to improve your #wellness Join is by simply commenting on how many rounds of each workout you completed, 1, 3, 5. #letsgo #fitness #wod #workoutplan #healthylifestyle