Had quite a scare the other evening 😨 Went outside after dinner & found Disco vomiting violently...I didn't even know goats could vomit (horses can't)! He apparently ate something toxic (plant wise) but fortunately, he got it all out. Needless to say, I'll be stocking up on medical supplies to have one hand for emergencies!! #disco #discovery #discoverythegoat #toxicplants #goatscanvomit #dwarfnigeriangoats #dwarfnigeriangoatsofinstagram

This week’s edition of Plants That Kill is all about neem. Head to our blog (link in bio) to learn more.

Meet one of many Cinnabar Moth heroes in our field yesterday...curious, I found Cinnabar Moths we’re introduced in Washington State in 1960 as part of a concerted effort to control the invasive & poisonous plant Tansy Ragwort without using herbicides - Tansy Ragwort can kill horses, cows, other grazing animals & dogs. Tansy Ragwort should be dug up not mowed. Thanks little Cinnabars, you’re beautiful as well as heroes! #petsafety #petsafetytips #horsesafety #rurallife #toxicplants #whidbeyisland #whidbey #cinnabarmoth #pnw #ruralliving #livingwithdogs

Yellow henbane baby. The super fuzzy hairs will always give henbane away. It is a fuzzy, sticky plant to touch. This variety will have yellow flowers with no purple veins or throat. Not all henbane are created equal, some do not have a high enough percentage of alkaloids to be used medicinally, but this yellow one is supposedly on par with black. I want to grow several varieties and send them to a lab for testing and share the results as most pharmaceutical companies do not. Henbane could use more studying, most people don’t realize there are many varieties! Yellow, white, purple, and purple-black veined flowers. It’s a lovely addition to any garden. It reaches about 2-3 feet tall and has small roots and can take crowding. I live in North Ontario, Canada and it does not survive the winter, but it does reseed itself. In more temperate regions the root may survive multiple years. It does well in container gardens, but no need to overwinter - just reseed in the spring. This pallid henbane is in poor sand/clay soil, but it and the many other seedlings did really well. It can be a noxious invasive weed in North America due to its crazy heavy seed production, so keep this in mind when deciding where to plant henbane. #yellowhenbane #hyoscyamus #noxiousweed #poisonplants #toxicplants #medicinalherbs #growingmedicine #poisonasmedicine #poisongarden #medicinegarden #sarahannelawless #sacredplant #ancientmedicine #medicinalnightshades #solanaceae

Often enough at least once in their lifetime you will find your pooch eating something they shouldn’t be eating, If your dog seems to think they are a rabbit and eats your garden to shreds here’s a list of plants that are toxic and you should keep an eye out for at home and out and about: • Aloe Vera- causes vomiting, diarrhoea and tremors Daffodil- vomiting and diarrhoea Dumb-cane (elephants ear)- upset stomach, oral irritation, asphyxiation, tremors, seizures and difficulty balancing Oleander- nausea, depression, bloody diarrhoea, weakened and irregular paralysis Sago palm- potentially fatal Milkweed- vomiting and weakness leading to kidney and liver failure and potentially death Tomato plant- diarrhoea, weakness, slow heart rate • With the increasing trend of indoor plants it is important to know what plants you are bringing into your home do always do your research. If you suspect your dog has been poisoned contact your vet immediately. • If you have any questions you would like the PawPals Gals to answer simply create a post with the hashtag #askthepawpals and we will try our best to answer them Much love the PawPals Gals! 🐶❤️

All the little henbanelings at my feet. Henbane is my favourite to grow but after a decade of making my ointments it is somehow the least purchased nightshade salve I make despite its ancient and adventurous past (Oracle of Delphi, Vikings, Shakespeare!) and its ability to soothe sore + achey muscles and joints. Also the side effects of overdose for the ointment is pleasant euphoria, drunkenness, and increased sex drive - what’s not to like? #henbane #blackhenbane #hyoscyamusniger #seedstarting #seedlings #babyplants #medicinalnightshades #nightshademedicine #poisonousplants #toxicplants #poisonasmedicine #poisonpath #poisongarden #witchsgarden #growyourownmedicine #sarahannelawless

The beautiful Red Bird of Paradise shrub is heat and drought tolerant, but is also toxic to dogs, cats and humans. #desertflower #caesalpinia #redbirdofparadise

Beautiful, and one of the most deadly! #PurpleFoxglove Though it can help heart problems in proper doses, this should only be done by a doctor as the improper dose would be a heart stopping mistake. 😱 . . . . . #poison Beautifulbutdeadly #toxicplants #foxglove #fact #heckinhedgewitch

Time to check paddocks and pastures for toxic weeds! #ihateredrootpigsweed #toxicplants #toxicplantsforaloacas

LEAFY SPURGE is a perennial that grows to one metre tall and has inconspicuous, greenish – yellow flowers. Its leaves are alternate except for those located immediately under the flower which are spirally arranged on the stem. It grows at low- to mid-elevations on dry roadsides, fields, grasslands, open forests and disturbed habitats. This invader displaces native vegetation and degrades grazing lands. It is also a toxic weed. The entire plant contains a milky-coloured latex juice that can cause a skin rash in humans and severe irritation to the mouth and digestive tract in cattle. It can result in death when ingested in large amounts by cattle. Biological control of leafy spurge has proven to be effective in some locations #stopinvasivespecies #bcinvasivesmonth #okanagan #similkameen #leafyspurge #toxicplants

As someone who is a big fan of indoor plants, this picture here is always a good reminder. Took this photo at the pediatrician's office. The nurse told me that a number of kids show up every week because they ingested the leaves or inhaled the pollen from one of these plants (yup, kids do that!!) which resulted in swelling, vomiting, stomach pain followed by ER visits! Any parents' worst nightmare. These plants are extremely toxic to animals too. If you have kids, pets, people with compromised immunity at home living or even visiting please, please re-consider keeping it indoors or put them in a place where human/animal contact is minimal. I get scoffed at when I visit someone who keep these plants indoors & I point it out to them. The idea is not to offend but to educate 🙏🏼. I did not know any better until I had kids. I used to love my peace lilies & the dumb cane plants! Low maintenance & great looking! Thankfully I figured this out before an incident and gave them away. . . . . . . . . . . #ToxicPlants #IndoorPlants #Caution #Warning #DumbCane #PeaceLily #daffodils #MomLife

🗻Wednesday is all about Wild flora😃🗻 Twining around trees and shrubs,this is Abrus precatorious found growing wild in #uttarakhand and also in most of the other parts of the country(commonly known as Ratti in India). This woody shrub have beautiful💕 but highly toxic seeds(proving that looks can be deceiving😆😈).Nature is extremely beautiful yet equally deadly sometimes!No matter how hard we humans try but we will never be able to match the beauty, mystery and wonders provided by nature🌿🌟. ♡ Binomial name: #Abrusprecatorious Other common names: #Coralbeads #Redbead #Rosarypea #Indianlicorice Family: #Fabaceae (Pea family) ♡ #plantidentification #wildwednesday  #wildplants #plants #plantsofindia #wildflora #himalayas #poisonous #toxic #seeds #plants #botanical #botany #toxicplants #shrubs #uttarakhandplants #floraofuttarakhand #himalayanflora

🌸 Crinum scabrum (Creole lily) 🌸 . 👪 Family - Amaryllidaceae 👪 ☣ Toxic ☣ Found these unexpectedly in the vacant lot next door! What a lovely blessing to cheer me up. I've never seen those blooming before. 💕

Poison hemlock looking somewhat menacing as it gets set to flower here in West Seattle. My advice? Pull it now before it makes a gazillion seeds! Wear gloves and long sleeves and throw it in the trash since it is poisonous wet or dry. To ID it look for purple spots on stems and no hairs. Photo by Maria. #stopitwhileyoucan #poisonhemlock #coniummaculatum #westseattle #poisonplants #toxicplants #kcweeds

I guess you’re supposed to respect this plant. Indeed, everything from this plant aside from ripe berries is dangerously toxic to humans. #Awplanté #elderberry #inspiringgenuinelife #toxicplants #andyet #superfoods #PlantStorm2 #increasingimagination🌱