Around my corner/Sekitarnya saya/Bij mij om de hoek.

I don't know how to edit videos but this lil app helped me make a mini #Amsterdam video 🤗 . . #thenetherlands #vlog #youtube #interracial #travel #wanderlust

My #ootd minus the shoes because the formatting wouldn't fit them lol, and a tip: As much as you hear that Amsterdam is such a bike-able city I would be VERY careful doing so here if you're not very experienced--traffic laws are disobeyed almost constantly (either that or either that or there are hardly any that are enforced, especially when it comes to cyclists and pedestrians) and you're sharing lanes with motorcyclists most times; we even witnessed an accident (someone HIT a kid) within the first hour of being in town!! 😩 So yeah, be aware, otherwise enjoy the beauty and quirks the city has to offer ;D

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, I had a great time exploring here! I honestly prefer these canals over Venice and would love to come back again in the future! We actually stayed in Uitdam, which was around 20 minutes outside of Amsterdam (seen in last picture), and that area alone was gorgeous 😍 So sad to be leaving it tomorrow...


Sezen Aksu - Vazgeçtim

The (De) Waag is a 15th-century building on Nieuwmarkt square in Amsterdam. It was originally a city gate and part of the walls of Amsterdam.🤔😲 ... It's now home to a very cool looking café with a beautiful outdoor seating area.😍 ... Oh, and if you go...get the pumpkin soup and fries. You will not be disappointed.😋🍟🍜