Law of attraction—something I have been practicing where I visualize where I want to be and believe it has already occurred. Quite honestly, it’s really effective when you repeat it multiple times mentally and truly believe it has happened. You attract what you focus on, remember that. ✨

I knew I would enjoy coming to Lisbon, but I honestly didn’t think I would LOVE it this much. Today is our first day here and I’m already thinking about planning my next trip to come back. Every corner is beautiful and colorful! And the tiles are amazing!! When they said that you’ll see the beautiful tiles everywhere, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Seriously loving every thing about this city. #RDtravels

Did y’all know that laughing at yourself is the new hip thing to do?! 💖💫 #loveyourself #butlaughatyourselftoo 📸: @ledayb

Oh, hey summa. You lookin’ fiiiiine.

So I meant to circle back to say 2 things- 1. Thank you so much for your feedback on my survey! Very interesting and helpful. Although I do this page as a personal hobby, its no fun if my small but totally awesome group of follower-friends dont enjoy it! . . So to sum it up, y'all still like the decor and most of y'all want a little more life stuff on the page too. I was SHOCKED that so many said you read these long soliliquies passing as captions. I have to imagine some of you were saying this just being kind. I use this page as a personal journal-thinking that no more than a couple of ppl actually read it. In real life I'm not a very expressive person... kinda private and cautious with my sharing my personal thoughts and my business. I'm told frequently that I am hard to read. I guess its just the way I have evolved over time. That said, I guess I found a little comfortable outlet/voice on this page. There are certain topics I will not really address on here- my love life being at the top of the list 😉 but I'm slowly learning to share more... which is kinda cool. . . . Anyway, the 2nd thing I meant to circle back on is to let you know I decided to keep the leopard office chair...yay! I've also also decided that I will be painting this office magenta. I've debated btwn green, black & blue, but magenta it will be and thats my final answer! 😉 I think it will give this tiny room a bold, eclectic feel and break up my otherwise neutral walls. . . . . #desk #antique #vintage #office #homeoffice #vignette #animalprint #leopardprint #flower #print #happy #eclecticdecor #changes #art #artlove #eclectic #interiors123 #sodomino #theeverygirl #instahome #design #flowers #plantlife #apartmentherapy #jungalowstyle #lonnymag #howyouhome #goboldorgohome #plantlady

sharing a room with a baby makes it tricky to keep my space in order— but my bedroom is such a cherished retreat to me so today I tippy-toed my way around during Otto’s morning nap & got things back in shape. 💪🏼 I even stashed my maternity clothes away (they had been sitting in a pile on the floor... yes Otto is almost 3 months old 🤦🏻‍♀️) because this new bed has storage 😭🙌🏼 & decluttered my nightstand (😬 the positive pregnancy test from Buddy was in there y’all 😳). I get so energized by cleaning & decluttering a space! 🤓 Does anyone else geek out over a good cleaning & decluttering session??

If you make a left turn out of our driveway and drive a quarter mile, you’ll find yourself at a mall. So, no, maybe this isn’t a farmhouse, and maybe I don’t live on a farm. I don’t have chickens, and the only horse feeding in our pastures is actually a 102lb Labrador eating weeds in our backyard. 🌾 BUT I’m so thankful for the things that HAVE been growing over here at our little Home. God has grown us in patience and faith, and fills us up enough so that we can pour out to others and grow what really matters; people. Growing in community and relationships is a different kind of farming, but it’s so important and life giving. I know this is a random little post, but as I was getting the house ready for life group tonight, I looked at that sign and noticed my heart feeling so full. ♥️ So I just wanted to stop and say to those of you who may not have community; create it yourself. Chances are, other people around you are searching for it too. Get involved in a church. Join a life group. Invite people to your home. Foster fellowship and develop friendship. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be real. It might be messy, and your house might be, too. Your home doesn’t have to look like Joanna Gaines designed it. Your shelves don’t need to be dustless, you don’t need to cook like Martha Stewart. you just need an open door and an extra seat at the table. Oh, and coffee, always coffee. ☕️ #hospitality #dolifetogether #differentkindoffarm #opendoor

Southbound and down, Texas here we come 🚙💨💨! I am currently planning a pit stop to @starbucks for BOGO espresso drinks 🙈. Come at me, caramel macchiato! @jered.davidson is a groomsman in a wedding for one of his fraternity brothers. 🥂 to the happy couple! 📸: @melaniefosterphoto

#tbt cuz I need to get muh hurrr did. 📷 @kendra.lynne

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