Steinbrook Hall - Tenterfield 1910 #tenterfieldtrue #tenterfieldrocks

I have just posted my latest blog post which unfortunately is too long to post here. Via link in bio if you want to read all about some of the lessons I have learned from living in the country, or alterntively it could be called, Bloody Kevin.

Saturday mornings are made for cake and coffee at The Corner.

We have just been advised that The Corner has received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence again for 2018. Thank you to all of our customers who leave feedback and reviews and who keep on visiting our little corner of Tenterfield

It is funny but when you live in the city, lack of rain is not something that anyone really understands. It might mean water restrictions, or not being able to wash your car, but I don't think we begin to get how catastrophic it can be. It has been a dry summer in my little neck of the woods and a dry winter is predicted. Now I hear of people who are not connected to town water and who rely on tanks who are now paying $1000 a delivery for water. I also drive past dams that are slowly drying and it breaks my heart that for some people hard decisions have to be made about their stock and produce. Lack of rain can be life altering and so devastating for people who work on the land. Their was moisture in the air this morning and a light sprinkling of rain and I found myself praying to the bearded man in the sky, as I am not sure what I believe and I even asked Tiney to give him a kick in the shins. Come on let it rain. Just feeling a hint of rain was the perfect way to #startthedaywithsomethingbeautiful

Birthday celebrations for Dallas with Erica at Our Place. #tenterfieldtrue #tenterfield

Moonchild...now is a time of reflection and healing! Tonight find a quiet place to sit and watch the moon. Allow peace to engulf you as you receive grace and blessings. Be grace, by only focusing on the beauty of your surroundings. Let go of the hustle and the need to win. Let go of any feelings of unworthiness.... Allow spirit to uplift and support you on your journey of divinity. Surrender to the sweetness and beauty of life. Allow the dance of light to flow through you... Be light hearted.... Be grateful for your blessings! #tarotreading #tenterfieldrocks #tenterfieldtrue #visittenterfield #newenglandhighcountry #granitebelt #stanthorpe #starchild #aussiewine #wineregion #winecountry #winewinewine #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #oracle #earthangel #Moonchild #positivevibes #vibetribe #raiseyourvibration #kuanyin #deliberatecreator #oraclereadersofinstagram

Music 🎶 or a microscope anyone? Alto sax suit beginner and collectable vintage microscope.... as we say an eclectic range. #altosax #collectablemicroscope #microscope #tenterfield #tenterfieldrocks #tenterfieldtrue #antique #collectable #oldwares

New Listing- A Mix of Modern & The Past #tenterfield #tenterfieldtrue #property #propertyforsale #character www.haroldcurry.com.au/20011559

Coffee made. Wood stove warming. Another glorious Tenterfield morning. #tenterfieldtrue #tenterfield