Those who wish to succeed, climb.

The glorious Eiffel Tower. A sight to fall in love! Captured on #Pixel2XL and unedited. #EiffelTower #TeamPixel #TourFrance #ParisLove #Paris #NightLights #EuroTrip #Trocadero

Having a crazy busy week and my food hasn't been very "insta-worthy". Just got in from band practice to no food in the house, so Chinese it was! Only 3 more days of crazyness, then I get a WHOLE DAY OFF 💃🎉

Luciole urbaine

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" - Aristotle Today I completed my first waterfall hike! It took me about an hour to reach the top and I was physically and mentally challenged by the hike. It has been almost 3 years since my last hike and @djversed wasn't here to drag me forward. I missed being outside and hope to be getting back into hiking. My reward at the top besides the gorgeous stream was a banana chocolate chip @larabar (my favorite!)

Ca fesait tellement longtemps que je n'était pas aller au Starbucks ( 3 semaine ) pis la je suis aller 😘😘😘😍😍😍 #teampixel

Itzi walking off dog mountain after conquering that b*tch on a school night. Yup, I don't deserve this tiny human. #tearsofjoy #sunset - Also, we ran into more than a fair share of rattle snakes. I was so brave when I saw the first one. I avoided the second one but the third one made me jump so high and I ran like the devil was after me. Becareful out there.

I went on work adventures, but then I came home again.