Finn found his very own seat on the walking trail today... and a porcupine! Thankfully the porcupine made a not so quick escape up a tree and was more afraid of Finn! 😂 #finndinn💙 #puppyadventures

They keep saying plants make me a “basket case,” but I really just want to be part of the #plantgang ........ with my teeth.

Who remembers the the three cute #dachshund pups we’ve been working with from a few post back? They’ve been doing great. After all they did get their stay command down pretty well. This is the youngest of the three boys. He seems to have had the most problems. Not good with other dogs, sometimes reacts to new people. Going crazy on walks. As you can see in this video, @brandogmancuso was helping the owners catch those cut off cues. Often our dogs are trying to tell us they’re not ok with a situation, but most people don’t understand them. If not caught in time it then turns into barking, lunging, just going crazy. You can see here we saw a dog coming. Corrected the fixation, created some space and went along with out a bark or lunge. There’s still some work to be done, but it’s a huge improvement. With more practice, this will be a breeze. . . . #dogs #orangecounty #dogtraining #packwalk #grumpypuppytraining #dogpsychology #orangecountydogtraining #hbdogbeach #longbeach #dogtrainingorangecounty #dogbehaviorist #ShastaCounty #Redding #dogaggression #dogattacks #puppyadventures

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