Paar kylalist, kaugelt maalt 😬 and some wannabe fishes went to swim 🐟😆 #finlandisbeautuful #nofilterneeded #mom #andfriends #swimminginthelake #toocoldforme #thedriver #andtheguide #loveit ☺️

Some call it arrogance but I call it confidence 😎 I’m winning baby 😘 #nofilter #nofilterneeded

If there’s a moment when it’s perfect We’ll carve our names as the sun goes down #nofilterneeded

When I was little, I always thought my freckles made me "ugly". My sister and some of my cousins didn't have them. If they had them, they didn't have as many as I do. I hated them for a very long time. No matter how times my momma told me "be proud of them. Not everyone has freckles. You're different than most and they make you special. You've been blessed and kissed by the sun, gemme." I struggled every single day. One day I was looking in the mirror, about 7 years ago, I decided to start embracing them, seeing them as a part of who I am. Every since that day forward, I love them. I realized my momma was right. Here recently my niece, when I wasn't feeling good, said " aunt Gigi your head is hot, but what is that stuff all over your face." I told her freckles because aunt gigi is awesome. She smiled so big and ran off to play. It made my heart so happy to see her reaction to what I said. ❤ #freckles #nofilterneeded #kissedbythesun #angelkisses #browneyesandfreckles

Krásné počasí. Dva dny na zahrádce. Modřinka spokojená na nejvyšší stupeň. A já taky. / Z knihy nadšená ale úplně nejsem. #kniha #cteninamaterske #pavedocteno #dozvukymychlasek #urodicu #odpocinek #nofilter #nofilterneeded