Granny has moved to a nursing home. At first impression, I don’t really like it but we will see how well the care is. P.S. #nofilter just poor lighting and green walls

Lately I’ve been trying out the @colourpopcosmetics #nofilter #concealer and I can honestly say I’m in LOVE with this formula 😍 this formula is very lightweight yet it is I’d say medium to full coverage, very buildable without getting cakey. This concealer wears BEAUTIFULLY on the skin, when I wear it it literally hides all my pores and leaves me with very doll-like skin. However, when I ordered this online it arrived much lighter than I was expecting, I love a highlighted under eye but this was a little too light but I make it work. I occasionally wear glasses and I noticed that it doesn’t cake up as much as other concealers do around where the glasses sit on my nose. There isn’t much play time with this concealer so you have to work quickly, but it blends out like a dream! I noticed it’s a bit dying under the eyes so make sure you moisturize good! Overall I give this foundation a 8.5/10! Great product @colourpopcosmetics ✨✨

Made it to the Raunbow mountain! Took many stops for breathing, but totally worth it! #5200metersabovesealevel #nofilter #rainbowmountain #vinicunca #peru

Rose's are red Feelings are blue Dont fuck with me I won't fuck with you -J #roses🌹 #herbalist #poeticjustice #naturephotography #nofilter #liveandletlive

#NoFilter for this UNREAL Sapphire... congratulations to the lucky lady who picked up her brand new piece today... and on her birthday nonetheless! We love seeing beautiful stones turned into even more beautiful, unique pieces. ✨ #BijouxJewellers #SapphireLoving #Canberra #CBR #ThisIsCanberra #VisitCanberra