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Pride of the South 👌 #speights #laketekapo #newzealand

such a dreamy spot in NZ shot by @harrisoncandlin .. also this water is so blue!! ✨💦

We’re at the Hamilton Women’s expo and we’re ready to go! 🏠😁👋🏽

"Don't be afraid to be different." - that's what I had to get my head around when we were shooting the church that morning. • There were about 6 photographers lined up at the front of the church when we got out of the van. In theory, it'd make a good shot if the clouds were in the right place when the sun rose and the colours came. But the clouds facing out that way were way too far and small to be anything substantial. Otherwise, the only other option was a simple silhouette shot of the church being backlit by the rising sun. • After taking a few of those silhouette shots (and bracketing a few just incase I decided I wanted to try some HDR) , I thought to myself, "screw it! Even when the sun rose, I won't get anything else other that the ones I've taken. Besides you'd get the same thing as what the other 6 photogs would have. Be different. But what if something amazing happens last minute and I missed out on it? I'd take my chances and it'd make for a different story/lesson." So off I went. I left the pack of photographers and headed towards the lake behind the church. • So now I'm behind the church looking out towards the mountains. Found a few composition I quite like, then decided to take a last glance at the church from the back to see what I'm missing. BAM! As luck would have it, few clouds were starting to form from this angle and I knew right away these clouds are going to catch. Within seconds, it caught the sun and lit up. I got my camera and fired a few shots. Minutes later, it might have been my shriek, the rest of the pack started sprinting my way. And you know, when a bunch of photographers shooting landscape sprinting from one location to another (ditching their composition they've set up for hours before hand), something amazing is happening. Within minutes, the colours faded and I was happy. • Maybe I got lucky then? Perhaps. Am I the only to have gotten this shot? No, of course not. Why then was I still happy about it picture? Simply put, I'm glad I was able to pull myself out of the moment and not blindly following what everyone was doing at the time and "playing it safe". It's harder than it sounds and I'm still working on it till this day.

When waiting for dad to try shoes on in the @nike store...just build it!