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Bluebells, beautiful in the woodland at the moment, but I also love the way they will grow almost anywhere and often appear in the most unlikely and often inhospitable of places. In the language of flowers, bluebells mean humility and constancy. Wearing a wreath of bluebells will make the wearer speak only the truth. If you turn the flower of a common bluebell inside out it is said that you will win the love of your hearts desire. Associated with faeries and pixie folk, in folklore bluebells are used to entrap humans who stray into natural places. According to legend, if a child picks a bluebell he will be taken by the faerie folk and never seen again; if an adult picks a bluebells he will wander lost led astray by pixies until someone finds or rescues him. Common bluebells yield a glue which was historically used to bind books and attach flights to arrow shafts. #bluebell #bluebells #springflowers #folklore #hedgewitch #natureupclose #natureisbeautiful

Up close and personal with Auzzie the Eagle. Wow just wow! #eagles #football #toyotaboxseats #toyotadealer #natureupclose