Had a great weekend with Rae. Father’s Day was perfect! #fathersday #nofenceshere #hccrnv #myhuntstory #theeastmanslife

Happy Father’s Day to the person I look up to, turn to for advice, call when I need someone to talk to. Bless to have such a father that loves me, supports me, teaches me so many things in life, and can always have a good laugh with. I love all our outdoor adventures we go on. I’ll always be daddy’s little girl no matter how old I get. #fathersday

On this rainy day in our neck of the woods we are missing these kind of sunny days!

Anytime spent on the water is a win, even when the fish aren’t biting. #flyfishing

#throwbackthursday to a bull featured in EHJ almost three years ago! Congrats Shirley!

If you want to follow an amazing wildfowling Instagram account check out @geoff_irvine from New Zealand! Regrann from @geoff_irvine - You gotta love that first ray of sunshine on a cold morning, you know things are only going to get warmer from here. #myhuntstory #alwaysinseason #builtforthewild #heavilyseasoned #gohunt #huntharder #sendit #insta #sickforit #sitkagear #welivethisstuff #thisiswhy #noboundaries #outtheredoingit #huntingandfishingnz #divebombsquad #sendit #instagood #newzealand #callumlanyards #seasoncalls - #regrann

One thing I love to keep in my pack for hunting, camping, and hiking is my flashlight and headlamp from @hybridlight They are durable, waterproof, lightweight, able to charge them with the solar panel attached, and charge my phone when connected to the flashlight!!

@keatonrowe shared this sick pic of a slight spread adjustment that we are thinking payed off in piles of honkers.

Piles of green in the snow? Don’t threaten us with a good time @bryantjenkins4

Signs of a good time: PSA- at the public shooting range everyone usually just leaves their shells strewn about and doesn’t really take the time to pick them up despite the metal barrel trash cans provided so, the result is pretty cool to photograph yet, staggering if you consider the waste aspect. It’s pretty gross. I usually take the time to pick up my shells and enough to fill up a bucket and throw out. It never seems to make a dent, but it’s something I guess. People it’s YOUR shooting range, it’s your land take care of it and the animals that live in it, don’t be a lazy piece and clean it up. #keepitpublic

A face only a mother... um a hunter can love!