Summertime Romance won best LPS film in the LPSTube Day Awards by @puppylover863girl, followed by Summertime Beauty which won last year! Wow, you guys really love this story and characters, thank you so much! ☺️🎉 Sooo... Then you might be happy to hear that I have started working on the third sequel... 😁 #LPS #littlestpetshop #LPShannah #LPSsummertimeromance

Kaylie & Chris AKA #Chraylie won best LPS ship in @puppylover863girl’s LPSTube Day Awards ceremony! 😱 I have honestly always wanted to win that award but never had any good couples, but now finally! YAY! 😄🎉 P.S. Colette photobombs their speech... 😅 Watch the ceremony to see what happened! #LPS #littlestpetshop #LPShannah

Disaster Masters won best collab in @puppylover863girl’s LPSTube Day Awards! @lpsaceofficial and I are so thankful, and Destiny and Nytrae are as well! 😜 P.S. their thank-you speech is kind of hilarious, don’t miss out and go watch the ceremony! 😁 #LPS #littlestpetshop #LPShannah #LPSAce #LPSDisasterMasters

Colette won best actress in @puppylover863girl’s LPSTube Day Awards! Thank you all who voted for her, she’s thrilled! 😄 Watch the awards ceremony to hear her speech! 💖 #LPS #littlestpetshop #LPShannah

Did you watch @puppylover863girl’s LPSTube Day Awards? Thanks to you guys I was nominated for several awards and so many other awesome LPSTubers were as well! 😄 It ended up being an amazing ceremony! 💖 #LPS #littlestpetshop #LPShannah #LPSTubeDay #LPSTubeDay2018 #LPSTubeDayAwards

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for an amazing LPSTube Day yesterday, both to everyone I collaborated with and to all of you who sent such sweet comments and messages! It means a ton! ❤️ If you haven’t watched my LPSTube special yet, you can still watch it! It doesn’t have to be LPSTube Day to celebrate our awesome community, right!? 😄 #LPS #littlestpetshop #LPShannah #LPSTubeDay #LPSTubeDay2018