#tbt Cuando mi #madre visitó #Londres , yo fumaba y las cámaras con película todavía existían #iloveyoumum #imissyoumum

Birthday love to heaven, to my beautiful mum Maria🌺 only 2 yrs since you & dad knocked on heavens door. It’s been Tough to say the least but you can rest in peace as you know I'm made to be strong. • sending Love to my brother & twin sisters today. Where not close & rarely speak but I still care & think of you. • Mum, I Miss your beautiful face, beautiful smile, all our cuddles, your voice & everything else that made you a lovely person who I got to call my beautiful mum Maria! X ❤️ • Grieving over parents: is always going to be one of the hardest challenges in life~ I’ve faced it alone & as they died 5 months apart.. it’s tough as I’ve had no one share the sadness of grief with. it’s disconnected me from both sides of my family. when I miss my mum I also miss my dad. Losing both parents at the same time is very confusing.. • I was your only child together, so that makes me feel special ☺️ I’m one of a kind ♥️ I lost you both & it will take some time to wrap my head around but I’m trying. • Grief & Depression just show up with no warning & let me tell you, the several stages of grief are not in order people! • I’d climb #MtEverest ⛰ again just to lay flowers where I scattered your ashes to the highest point to feel close to you both again.. it’s the highest place on earth, it’s truly heaven on Earth!! ♥️ I’ll be relaxing tonight listening to #bobDylan “knock knock knocking on heavens door” 🎵 #pinkfloyd #rollingstones #ub40 & #bobmarley “Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna he alright” 🎵 in remembrance of you both & to keep smiling.. • I’m so #gratful to of had you both as my parents dispite all the tough times growing up, all the foster care & moving homes, being homeless & the struggles, I’ve still never felt settled but dispite it all I always felt loved. I’m forever blessed as your both now my #guardianangels 🙏🏼 so I’m #forevergrateful & will keep making you both proud as I know your watching over me... • hugs & kisses, your little girl, Louise x x x x • To my followers: I hope my honestly & openness about grief helps you deal with yours. your not alone. I’m here if anyone wants to talk.. just DM me. Love Louise x

I miss my mum, she lives in France and even if we often talk on the phone , I wish I could see her more . So today I booked her a ticket to come and see us. She is getting here THIS Saturday. I am very excited ! #mymumiscoming #happydaughter #oldphoto #imissyoumum #mummyanddaughterlove #memories

I already miss you mum, but feel blessed to have an angel like you by my side forever now. No words could ever explain the pain in my heart. Heartbreak is seeing your pictures but not being able to touch you; it is hearing your voice but not being able to have a conversation with you; it is seeing my father holding his chest attempting to ease the suffering... Heartbreak is not being able to hear your laughter or see that cheeky grin! 😉 Mumma, it was a blessing being your child in this lifetime, and a gift to be a part of the amazing family you created. Thank you for always loving me, my siblings and my father the way you did and showing everyone who met you, the meaning of strength, bravery, dignity, unconditional love, devotion and ultimately, forgiveness. You my sweet darling mother, are the strongest human I have ever know. My warrior woman. My magical Mumma. My creator. And though I feel you everywhere, I cannot wait until the next time I can hold you and kiss you again and see that gorgeous angelic smile. Thank you for every-single-thing. I adore you Mumma, with everything that I am. Safe travels to the heavens...💔 . . . . #mummy #mum #mumma #warriorwoman #imissyoumum #imissmymum

sigmaringen - prinzengarten

Happy Birthday to my mum who would have been 92 today 🍾🎂💜 She is still around me I picked the last of dads flowers and wore my dragonfly brooch and found 3 whit feathers at her grave 🙏🌈💕💖 perfect #imissyoumum #happybirthdaymum #wouldbe92today #dadsgarden #flowers #feathers #dragonflies #symbolism

Que buen dia pasamos...Cuanto te hecho de menos mami #imissyoumum

Kiss goodbye to MS. In May I always fundraise fir this campaign that is so dear to my heart.... you can buy one of these gorgeous lipsticks with the retail profit going straight to KGTMS. My beautiful mum passed away 4 years ago after living with MS for 40 years. Her greatest fear was saying goodbye . MS is a chronic unfair disease. Please help us find a cure for the 25000 other Australians who live with this condition. Reply to me with your favorite colour !!! Thank you #💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 #kissgoodbyetoms #kgtms #lipstick #love #fundraiser #nuskin #longlastinglipstick #kissmekate #lovemymum #imissyoumum #buynow

Gestern Abend als ich meine Große ins Bett gebracht habe fand ich ganz viel #Kuscheltierliebe vor. Ihr heißgeliebter #tyson den sie damals als sie klein war von ihrer #omi bekommen hat kuschelt mit einem #grünen äffchen... grün war die Lieblingsfarbe meiner #Mutter. #dienstagabend #kuscheln #kuscheltiere #affe #hund #mumof3 #lovemykids #twogirlsandaboy #dorfleben #imissyoumum

The last time I spoke to you was on the 13th, you seemed ok, conversation was good. But you were suddenly rushed to the ICU on the 14th. 15th you were gone. I still can't can't wrap my head round it all. I wasn't there by your side, 'cause I was in Ireland. You wanted me to visit, I thought I had time. I'm sorry. I miss you so much, mum. . . . . . . #myfirstlove #unconditionallove #strongwoman #fighter #myrolemodel #mystrength #mysupport #myprotector #mycheerleader #myheart #iloveyoumum #imissyoumum #imissmymum #emptywithoutyou #lonely #empty #remembrance #2yearanniversary #icantbelieveit #griefsucks #gonetoosoon #iwasntready #ineedyou #heartbroken #loss #pain #grief #bereavement #memories #alwayswithme

Ya Allah! Andai ada dosa-dosa mereka ini, Kau ampun kan lah. Jika mereka dalam kesempitan, Kau luaskanlah. Jika mereka dalam kesakitan Kau sembuhkanlah. Jika mereka dlm kesedihan kau gembirakanlah...Kerana mereka ini Ibu yg melahirkan ku. Ibu yg melahirkn isteriku dan ibu kepada zuriat2 ku... Buat mak.. i love u mum. You are the queen of my heart.. kasih sayangmu membawa ke syurga. Ampunkan salah dan silap anakmu andai kami pernah menyakiti dan mengecilkn hati mak. Doa yg baik2 untuk mak.. diberikan kesihatan, ketenangan, kegembiraan dan dipermudahkan segala urusan dunia dan akhirat. Jasa mak tak mampu utk kami balas. Kami cuba untuk jadi anak yg terbaik utk mak. Menyayangi mak sebagaimana mak menyayangi kami dari sejak kecil. Selamat Hari Ibu. Kau lah satu-satunya....... P/s buat adikku @shea_eixora_eizza yg bakal menjadi ibu tak lama lagi.. semoga Allah permudahkan.Amin.. #ohmydunia #isziefamily #mothersday #2018 #kuncisyurga #imissyoumum

Missing you everyday ❤️🙏🏼 #imissyoumum #alwaysinmyheart

#happymothersday to my one and only favorite mum! 💖💖💖 #mum #imissyoumum #best #happy

Happy Mother’s Day Mum ❤️❤️❤️ #imissyoumum