Bananatree #frogspawn

Not to sure the local amphibian 🐸 has this egg laying business sorted just yet! 😕🤔😯. #frogspawn #tadpoles #pondlife

Yeah, sure Fromia. Im sure my zoas don’t mind that you’re sprawled out all over them. And of course the boss of the tank up top making sure everything is ok.

WARNING: long and boring ⚠️ so, there’s that weird colored #gsp ( #rbta) again - a close up of my not-yet-dead 🎉 #frogspawn, a fast sweep past my VERY-probably-dead #torch, a quick look at a bunch of #cleanershrimps hiding, and, 4 the *big finish* the #mattedfilefish *takesabow😁

Little gold nugget in the center💎😏