Wishing everyone a great weekend. To my south Florida reefers...it looks like we will be stuck in our homes staring at our reefs because it'll probably rain all weekend. #allmymoneygoestocoral #reef #reeftank #reefporn #nanoreeftank #fluvalevo #saltwater #saltwateraquarium #aquarium #eatsleepreef #reefer #reef2reef #reefing #coral #corals #coralreef #fish #fishtank #ocean #sea #lps #sps #zoanthids #zoas #friday #tgif

I’ve officially had the Fluval Evo 13.5 up and running for one week now! This will be a small review on some pros and cons I’ve noticed over the past week. PROS: Design. The design is the main reason I picked this tank, it’s very sleek looking and fits beautifully on my desk. The only real issue of design that I had was the honey comb rim that many new fluval tanks have. Personally I find it ugly, and I love being able to see my fish eat so I scraped it off with a metal algae scraper. Tedious to do but definitely worth it. Filtration. The filtration is a major pro, since it’s a peninsula styled tank it has a built in sump. In one section I have a refugium and I run the light reverse photo period with the display. I’ll be growing chaeto in there to help manage nitrate and phosphate. I do with the pump was stronger but it is whisper quiet and I solved that issue with a hydor 240GPH koralia nano wave maker. Price. Probably the cheapest built in tank you can find on the market, this only costed me $180+shipping. The quality for the price is insane. Size. Some may see this as a con- but personally I adore nano tanks, I much prefer them to large tanks even though they’re so much harder to care for. I’ve noticed how insane the evaporation is in this small tank, it goes down a centimetre a day. CONS: Lighting. My only problem with the tank is the light and hood. This light is touch activated so unfortunately I can’t have it set on a timer. I have to be here at 4PM everyday to turn off the refugium light, turn on the blue light then at 430PM turn the white lights on. I do the opposite at 1130PM and 12AM. Also the hood covers the entire top of the tank so it’s difficult to work inside the tank. I want to wipe the sand dust off of the glass but I can’t see it when I’m working due to the light not being on. I will be replacing the light with an Aqua Illumination Prime HD before I get any corals. If you guys have any suggested pre sets that the coral like and is pleasing to the eye let me know!

That one corner you love from your tank than anything else 🌸🐚 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹 If you all don’t want to ever miss anything I post, please turn on the notifications for my account and IG will take care of the rest 😊thank you all for such an amazing community and now that summer has started and school is in the back of my mind there will definitely be more pics to come #fluvalevo #saltwater #nanoreef #clam #floweranemone #reef #zoa #rainbow #allmymoneygoestocoral #reefroids #polylab

Today I lost my first fish. I woke up this morning to find my little clownfish that had Popeye about a month or two ago gone. I can’t say I’m not surprised. He never really was right again. I feel like the little Evo needs three fish. Do I add another clownfish? Do I take my other one in and get a new pair? Do I wait for the new tank build to be complete? #fluvalevo #nanotank #nanoreef #reeftank #fulltank #fulltankshot #clownfish #heartache #coralgarden #torchcoral #torchgarden #fluvalevo13

I’ll be doing the same for the 5g nano (pico, but I’ve called it nano long enough)... check out the growth on the cespitularia. 1st Pic-Apr 6, 2nd Pic-Apr 20, 3rd Pic-Now. I think I’ll start regularly fragging the mother colony to swap for other corals.

Any tips on getting rid of this Green Hair Algae? Pretty sure this is why my phosphates read Zero. I’ve of heard 3 day black outs so I might try that. Any help would be appreciated. #fluvalevorevival

@polyplab time! #fluvalevorevival

Clowny being a clown! Away from my tank for over two weeks.. 😬 One week down, one and a bit go! Thanks to @colinsharks92 for watching this guy while I'm gone! 📸: @flow.bot

Upgraded the stock return pump on the Evo to the Eheim CompactOn 1000 it’s pushing 264GPH vs. the stock 130GPH. Also decided to try out IM spin stream nozzle. Heard the nozzle reduces the flow from the return pump so we’ll see how it goes 🤔 #fluval #Evo #13.5 #fluvalevo #fluvalevo13 #eheim #CompactOn #1000 #returnpump #uprgrade #modification #innovativemarine #returnnozzle #nanoreef #nanotank #saltwateraquarium #ocellaris #clownfish #fluvalevobuild