Wer unter euch liebt Blumensträuße so sehr wie ich?💐 Gekauft oder selbst gepflückt. Hauptsache es stehen Blumen auf dem Tisch. Das bringt Frische in die Küche - oder in die Fotografie. Ich liebe Blumenmotive und ich arbeite auch sehr gerne mit Sträußen oder Blumen bei Portrait und Fashion Aufnahmen. Am Wochenende beim Fotoshooting mit Model Theresa gab es auf jeden Fall mal einen selbst gepflückten Blumenstrauß. ♥️I love it! Wie gefällt er euch? Seit ihr eher Team Gekaufter-Strauß oder Team DIY-Strauß?🌷 ________________________ ©Verena Maria Becker www.finienfotodesign.de ________________________ #flowerpower #blumenstrauß #blumen #wildblumen #diy #selfmade #brautstrauß #blumenliebe #flower #hinterdenkulissen #behindthescene #fotografie #photography #sonyalpha #loveflowers

L amore non si spiega fa girare il mondo e poi... non c è diventa tutto inutile!! 😘 #bisou #flowerpower

Finally 25. Time flies when you're having fun. Lunch with my favorite lady, @03_brytt , and this lovely assortment of #birthday flowers. 😍 Plus a small care basket from my best friends at work. Caffeine, chocolate and more #flowerpower . I can't complain one bit! 😊😊😊 #quarterlifecrisis #gettingold

#27 “SHELLY” is the final Girl thus far in this series. Technique-wise, she is the most consummate. She is a culmination of all the skills I learned during the year while dreaming this bevy of quirky, whimsical girls into creation. A true mixed media piece. There is painting, stenciling, stamping, collaging and lettering on this page. In keeping with the playful nature of this collection, the name Shelly seems the obvious choice for this mercurial little mermaid. People have asked how I came up with the names for my “Girls”. The process, contrary to common opinion, was not at all premeditated. Only twice did I select a name before I started drawing. Both were intended as gifts, one for a newborn named Alisa and the other for my niece Zoe. All of the others were of random choosing. After I finished each girl, I would sit with her and just look, waiting for the name to come to me. Sometimes it would come quickly, other times I’d have to wait longer for it to reveal itself. Once that happened, I never questioned or second guessed. Shelly is a good ending to a pleasing experiment and personal workshop. I acquired a lot of artistic growth in the process and feel I left a little of myself in every girl.

This tree lives in my backyard and I didn’t even know it until yesterday 😍 This long weekend was glorious with lots of time spent outdoors cleaning up the farm and planting the gardens with all the best people. It really is #thelittlethings that make these days the best. . . . #LittleFarmHouse #GreatOutdoors #LittleFarmhouseGarden #TheReesors #ThisLittleHouse #Nature #FlowerPower #AColorStory #AColorStoryGolden

Guten Abend 🙈 Wie war euer Tag?😋 Ich war heute mit meinem Freund in der Stadt und habe mir eine Bluse gekauft 😋 Jetzt ruhe ich mich noch aus, da ich ziemlich müde bin😴 Ich wünsche euch noch einen schönen Abend 💗

Nature's Perfection