Camren Friesen (‘10), is living his dream working as a filmmaker for @handcraft. Read the full story at Prov.ca . . . #Prov #Provalumni #ProvManitoba #ProvidenceUniversity #DifferenceMakers #ProvUC #Alumni #ChristianCollege #ChristianUniversity #Winnipeg #Manitoba

At the first ever @camhfoundation @camhnews #differencemakers gala to support mental health in 🇨🇦 Kudos Jim and Sandi Treliving for your leadership. We kick off with a stunning #spokenword performance by @francis.arevalo

Starr Cunningham and CAMH Co-chair and mental health advocate Sandi Treliving together at the #DifferenceMakers Gala! @camhfoundation #ChangingTheWayPeopleThink

Well... the first event of the year is here and in full swing! We are absolutely honoured to be part of the @camhfoundation #DifferenceMakers Gala - raising money, awareness and starting the conversation on a topic that affects so many Canadians. One of our favourite things about this gala is the use of bar tonic drinks with no alcohol to stay mission focused. Bravo @camhfoundation for stay true to your cause 💜 • • • • • #camhfoundation #differencemakersgala #mentalhealthishealth

Thanks Jasmine & Chayanne & Amber for volunteering to come in on summer break to work with Heather Berry for Rural MO #DifferenceMakers @JCPSTWEETS @NCC40 can’t do it without you!!!

Some inspiring moments from today's #DifferenceMakers Symposium! . To see more, check out @camhnews stories . . . #CAMH #MentalHealthIsHealth #endstigma #mentalhealthmatters #BellLetsTalk #mentalhealth #mentalillness

We had the incredible opportunity to join the national conversation on mental health today at @camhnews’s first #DifferenceMakers Symposium. There was amazing conversations had within those walls, but the time for action is now and we all have a role to play. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When we are brave and share our stories with others, we are giving others permission to talk. Help us drive the mental health movement forward by continuing the conversation. Take time today and ask another human how they are doing; crack those conversations, actively listen, and show that you care! We hope that as a society we will get comfortable with the discomfort and tackle the stigma associated to mental illness together. 💕✨ #UREnough #SpeakURtruth

Congratulations to the Future College Curls Class of 2018! We are so proud of you and can't wait to see how you make a difference in the world around you! #futurecollegecurls #seniors #classof2018 #education #differencemakers

Got weekend plans? We do! 😉 Catch us this weekend sipping all the coffee at @beanstockfest ☕️😍 Get in on the fun—tickets are selling fast! PS. Slide into our DMs for a cheeky discount code too 😎

Roshni girls and future #differencemakers in the hooouuuseeee! It was such a privilege to be there! ☀️ Help Mariyam fundraise for a Muslim Youth Help Line called ‘Naseeha’ by following the link in my bio! #brwngrl

The formidable @MargaretTrudeau whose advocacy comes with heart, thoughtfulness and real advice for those facing mental health challenges #differencemakers @camhfoundation

#Differencemakers #symposium #mentalhealthawareness #nationalconversation #psychology #psyciatric #doctors #communityadvocatesandleaders #socialservicesleaders from all over Canada. Sheldon Kennedy, Rob Nash, other sports stars and Margaret Trudeau is the Keynote Speaker #socool all these people admitting their struggles with mental health. #breakthestigmaofmentalillness Its all about the new generations. #itsoktonotbeok #talkaboutit

Margaret Trudeau #differencemakers #camh difference makers Symposium

From Dog Man, to Notebook of Doom, to Judy Moody, Barnhart second graders love their independent reading time!

The @robbnash speaking today at #differencemakers symposium for @camhfoundation

Spent the morning with @camhfoundation at its first #DifferenceMakers Symposium. (Head over to @thesadcollective for a recap of all the incredible speakers and what they had to say.) Two of the things that stood out to me the most are a) how simple it can be to make a difference and b) how we need to extend conversations (as important as they are for destigmatization) into actions. So here’s some homework: Go up to one person today and start a meaningful conversation. You never know where it might lead and you’re essentially knocking two birds with one stone. 💙 #mentalhealth #thesadcollective #shareyourstory #endthestigma