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Davido speaks on why every woman should be like Chioma – Davido » ____ Nigerian singer and DMW boss, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido has has given reasons Nigerians ladies should take his girlfriend, Chioma Avril as an example. The singer recently bought a Porsche car of N45 million for his lover and released a single titled “Assurance” which he dedicated to her. Broadway TV quoted the singer as telling Nigerian ladies that they should take Chioma as an example and try to be like her. Davido said ladies should always try and understand their boyfriends in terms of giving, adding that they should not turn their boyfriends into ATM machines. He said “According to the lyrics of one of my tracks titled ‘IF’, it reveals my worth of 30 billion and I bought a porch car for Chioma, My Assurance, worth 45 million which is 15% of my worth. “She never asked for 15 billion unlike some Nigerian girls that when they know their boyfriend is worth 20k they’ll ask for 10k which is 50% of his worth. “Please try and change these attitudes if you want to enjoy your relationship." » Sense or nonsense?👇👇👇

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고마워. 나를 잘 아는. 잘알아서 가능한 이런 선물 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 병맛레벨 맞춰주느라 대학 때 부터 고생많아... #내용물은함께한이들만안다 #마니또 #선물 #병맛