Right before an almost nice sunset, the storm rolled in. Rain again, but it had already slacked up. . . . #cloudporn #almostsunset #skyporn #coolsky

Earlier this morning I had this conversation with my self about “not doing” and how I need to stop doing that lol. It sounds crazy but follow me for a second. > > Throughout the day I have these thoughts in my head about “doing stuff”. Sometimes it’s at the moment, sometimes it could be something hours, Weeks months later. The thing is at some point down the road “something gets in the way”, the thought disappears then it comes back again. < < What got in the way? Usually I would say something along the lines of “I didn’t manage my time” or “it wasn’t that important enough anyways” sometimes even “it’s a bad idea”. But when it comes down to it, I made that shit up! I got in my own way all because of choice I didn’t make or something I didn’t do. > > It’s those moments that lead me to this idea to “stop not doing”. Because the longer you’re not doing the longer you’re allowing yourself to come up with another bullshit excuse with your intelligent mind. Your body and mind was designed for well beyond more than just doing bullshit and coming up with bullshit excuses. #StopNotDoing . . . . #calisthenics #handstand #cloudporn #stop #nike #compton #infinitestrength #workhard #motivation #beastmode

Pretty clouds this evening. Super high up. They look like ripples on a sand dune. Edited into B&W to improve contrast. #cloudporn #dadlife

A few more from the Lantern Festival

🎶 J Cole - KOD