Lifting the bridge ... photo courtesy of @kasiadilenardo ❤️ #sf #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge #goldengatepark #marin #travelpics #travelphotography

ดีต่อใจ...ขอบคุณค่า..ของขวัญวันเกิดชิ้นแรก #marin thongchai

how to conquer the greek festival: loose dresses = more food to eat

I’m truly blessed and lucky to be able to witness not only these 2 but many other people who do their thing in the ring, in training camps, or behind the scenes and allow themselves to be captured behind my camera lense. Thank you to everybody who has ever opened their gym doors to me and allowed me to enter into their world. To everybody from my close personal friends, to complete strangers who have also since become friends, I’m extremely grateful. I hope you guys enjoy these highlights of @teamtrejo and @hugobox_415 putting in work yesterday!

What interesting concept! #MarinH20 #Bathroom #Plumbing

🚨Public service announcement🚨 🌱 In the U.S. many states have health practitioners who call themselves “naturopaths”. Please be advised these are not licensed Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) and are not licensed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Their training is very limited and usually done through online or mail in courses. 🌿 This can make things confusing for patients since sometimes even NDs refer to themselves as “naturopaths”. As more and more states get licensed and the term gets regulated by law hopefully this confusion will die down. 🍀 In the meantime patients will have to be diligent, do their research before seeking naturopathic health care and always seek out licensed NDs. 🌱 To learn more visit @theaanmc

It’s the long weekend! Settling in to watch some bands at the cruising club and taking in magic hour in Richardson Bay. . . . #sausalito #marin #visitmarin #bayarea #richardsonbay #sailboats #magichour

When the light comes through the dark clouds just so. #nofilter #ringmountain #Marin

serene profile on this plum wood bowl. Plum wood smells sweet when turned, as if the plum fruit juice has soaked into the wood fibers. It is a surprisingly hard wood, but relatively forgiving during the finishing process, unlike oak and honey locust.

Voici quelques photos du vernissage de Bref, on part à la mer, auquel on a participé la semaine dernière à Montréal. Merci @bref.mtl pour la belle invitation à faire parti de cette thématique nautique! Passez les voir pour découvrir une panoplie de beaux objets et d’idées cadeaux... ainsi que quelques-unes de nos créations!! Jusqu’au 30 juin. 261 Bernard ouest. #fousdesiles à Montréal #bref #festif #design #nautic #nautique #marin