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boogie kit #2, brian fahey edition :)

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Regrann from @love_thiago_ana - Hoje é o dia da Popotinha, skillis, elefantinha, Paulinha, Aninha, NaPaula, nossa menina!!! @apminerato quero lhe desejar tudo de bom em sua vida, sonhos realizados, saúde em dobro, que seu sorriso seja aquele sempre de felicidade, que Deus te ilumine todos os dias... Te amo e seu lugar estará sempre no meu coração... Parabéns e tudo de bom hoje e sempre na sua vida... Viva a Popotinha...👏👏😍😍🎈🎈🎉🎉🎁🎁🎂🎂 #apminerato #Popotinha #NiverAna #2.7DePopolinda - #regrann

#MuppetationalMay Day 24: Your favorite classic Sesame Street song! Oh god that’s a tough one, especially if you didn’t hear them in a long time! Well I had a whole bunch of favs, some song I remember some i don’t remember the title to each song, but I’ll name a few of my favorites that I do remember (What? It’s hard to choose a favorite one!) Song #1: One Small Voice (Who doesn’t love The Backstreet Boys? But then again, when it was sung on Elmopalooza I thought it was so beautiful!!!) Song #2: Frazzle (An oldie, but a goodie) Song #3: Get along (Pretty catchy! 🎶Yup yup yup yup yup yup!🎶) Song #4: Oscar’s Junk Band (Again, it was catchy, and all though it was sung by a bunch of grouches, I still give it 5 “WOW!”s, or in his words 5 “Phewy”s 😂😂😂) Song #5: Fat Cat (I feel like the orange dude looks like the guy who sung “Mahna Mahna” but got a makeover, and tho it they were saying each word over and over again, it was still pretty good) Song #6: Everything in the wrong place ball (I think it’s pretty messed up to have a shoe in one hand, and a nest one your head, but it’s just a silly song and I don’t think there’s no such thing as a everything in wrong places balls or parties. Hilarious and very nice tune) Song #7: Telephone Rock (A great song from one of my favorite obscure characters “Little Jerry and The Monotones”! Would you imagine if that was actually a band and they would preform live concerts for kids and adults? That would be cool! And I did like his other songs that he sung in the old days, idk if they made more comebacks on the show as of right now but they were really good band) Song #8: My Best Friend (Maybe a song I would sing to one of my best friends if I remember the lyrics again) Song #9: The Street I Live On (This song got me very emotional 😭 it was so beautiful!!!! Thinking of so many years this show has been around for brought me to tears, it’s been around for almost 50 YEARS NOW!!! OMG THATS A LOT OF SEASONS!!!) I wish that “The Muppet Show” would’ve had so many seasons as that show did!) So there you have it! Sesame Street had really good and catchy songs when I was a kid.

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